About Pointes of Faith Dancers, Inc.
Pointes of Faith Dancers, Inc. is a professional Christian dance company that performs for
communities throughout New York State, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. The artistic director,
Rachael Platt (BPS in dance performance), choreographs using Biblical story lines and Biblical
themes to show what Christ can do and has done in us and in others.The company employs
dancers who either have their Bachelor's degree in dance or have an expertise in any one or
more dance forms. (Please see "About the Dancers".)

In 1996 Rachael Platt (although not yet a Platt) began a Christian dance company entitled The
Turning Pointe Dance Company in Rochester, N.Y. while attending college. The company travelled
to churches and prisons in and around the city of Rochester. After graudation,Rachael moved to
Georgia where she had a number of professional engagements and taught for three dance studios. When she moved back to Rochester in November of 2000, she began the Pointes of Faith Dancers,
as a non profit organization. We soon moved to Lyons and in 2005 purchased the dance studio.

The Pointes first concert was held at the JCC auditorium in Rochester in 2001. Since then, the
company has performed at various public venues including auditoriums in colleges and universities
in and around such areas as the Corning, Syracuse, Rochester, Jamestown, Buffalo, Auburn,
Batavia,and out of state. In 2004, The Pointes recieved a New York State Council on the Arts grant specifically for its choreographer, dancers, and music composer for six performances in the Finger Lakes Area.

The Pointes of Faith Dancers, Inc. is recognized by the federal and state government as a tax
exempt, non profit organization 501 ( c ) (3 ) and is registered in New York State as a charity. The components of the Pointes of Faith Dancers, Inc. are the professional dance company (The Pointes
of Faith Dancers, Inc.) and the Steps of Faith Dance Studio which is for students.The Pointes
of Dancers Inc. and its student section is housed at 55 William Street in Lyons, N.Y.

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